Bienvenue en Suisse !

Geneva, a multicultural and cosmopolitan city. A place where you may work in English but your life happens to be in French.
Deep French grammar knowledge might not be your priority but basic every day’s life vocabulary and expressions to know how to deal with specific situations is essential.
With our special program “Survival French”, you will deal with a different theme in each sequence to feel comfortable in all the exchanges you may encounter in your daily life.
Your vocabulary will increase rapidly and you will feel ready to face many real-life situations in French in concrete tasks of daily life.
At the end of this course, you will be able to interact in everyday situation.
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About Me

Professional teacher for French as a foreign language, I have worked for several international companies as freelance.

I believe that the most important thing for a student is to learn the chosen language as it is really spoken in the country. Therefore I never teach a language as the « book method ». I love giving students every day and slang expressions.

Not everybody wants to learn a foreign language for the same reasons, therefore I adapt my lessons to students needs. Some people love the chosen language, so they just learn it. Others need to learn it for professional reasons; that’s why I always begin the first lesson by asking each student the main reasons they wish to learn French in order to better adapt my methods and tuition to their requirements.


Three different programs are proposed based on participant level


Introducing yourself, asking for a price, directions, etc…


at the doctor, at the bank, at school, etc…


Cross cultural communication.

Each session includes 10 tuitions of 90 minutes each. Participant shall
not spend on methods as we will provide all the documents and
methods needed.

A small first interview will provide your level.
Discover our different Languages tuitions can be provided online or indoor. Small groups or one one.


Don't miss new updates on your emailVery often, people come to Geneva for professional reasons. Once in Geneva, you happen to work in English, you speak with your colleagues and friends in English, brief French might seem not essential for you. However, in order to live every day’s life and for small tasks such as: go shopping, going to a restaurant, making a phone appointment at the doctor’s, at the hairdresser’s, going to the market or even…. understanding an address, you feel the world falling apart… stop suffering…

Let’s do it together !

Divided into two parts, this very popular formula consists of 10 sessions of 90 minutes each.

Expats and new comers are fund of this formula as they do not have an imperative need to speak French on a daily basis.

Part 1: Together, we will define 5 situations and learn the vocabulary.

Part 2, let’s go!

We go together….. I accompany you. Together, we are going to dive into a real situation !

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